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Mindfulness forms an integral part of the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy Method of Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow. We use mindfulness strategies to develop attention skills and a mindful approach to learning to aid skill development within all of our Online Courses and Coaching services.
Derek Tate is a qualified Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher and has developed mindfulness meditation and mindful communication activities as part of his MSc in Applied Positive Psychology research. These tools are available on our Documents & Tools page. Please note that site registration is required for this page and by signing up you agree to receiving updates and information about our services and products*. 
On request Derek can be hired for mindfulness meditation classes that include aspects of positive psychology to help create greater well being in your life. In addition if you would like assistance with developing mindfulness tools for your organisation please get in touch for a consultation.    

What is mindfulness?

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and has its roots in Eastern philosophy. There are many forms and types of meditation of which mindfulness is one. Mindfulness meditation is the more formal practice of developing a more mindful approach to daily living.

Jon Kabat-Zinn was instrumental in brining 'mindfulness' to the Western world in the late 70s. He developed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and has authored a number of books on the wider subject.


The Kabat-Zinn conceptualisation of mindfulness draws on Buddhist meditation and this form of mindfulness practice is now very popular throughout the general population with classes widely available and many online Apps offering guided programmes. 

The Ellen Langer school of thought towards mindfulness is considered a more Western approach advocating that, it is a state where one is actively engaged in the present while noticing new things. Langer has also authored a number of books and had an influence on how people learn. The term 'mindful learning' is an important part of our Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition. 

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