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Our coaching team have developed the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy Method from their many years coaching others, studying and research. This method is at the cutting edge of human learning and development and brings together many aspects of teaching and psychology. The whole method is set out in detail in Derek Tate's book of the same name and below is a summary of each stage of this method:


Learn brings together the concept of ‘Learning Zones’ combined with the ‘Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition’. An important part of this stage is recognising and nurturing your strengths combined with an open, experiential and mindful approach to learning and

developing skill.


Enjoy is about enjoying the process and loving what you do. Enjoyment creates motivation and the best source of motivation is ‘intrinsic’. Doing something for its own sake, for the love of it bolsters your commitment to practice which is essential for improving and making progress.


Flow is a desirable mental state that is often associated with your best performance. Using the preceding stages helps to create the conditions necessary to experience flow. The quality of attention is also crucial at this stage moving from effortful to effortless.


Grow is the ultimate goal of the Parallel Dreams Coaching Method and a by-product of experiencing flow. Sense of achievement, enhanced learning, moving beyond the ego and a stronger self-concept are the rewards leading to greater well-being.

Coaching Team
Shona Tate
Founder and Coach

Shona Tate was born into an outdoor family and after competing in ski racing as a child she followed her parents footsteps of becoming a ski instructor.  Working in Scotland initially then around Europe and the USA.

Living the life of a "Mountain Girl" Shona has embraced a world of working in the outdoors and truly appreciates the value of what sport and Mountain Life can offer people.  

Fully living the "Learn it, Love it, Live it" philosophy with her husband Derek and spending a quality balance of work and play in the mountains.

She has gained a depth of business, coaching, teaching and life experience through her time working in the Voluntary Sector and for Professional Training Bodies and National Governing Bodies in Snowsports.

Shona also has a keen interest in outdoor photography and promoting general fitness and diet for individual needs supporting people to develop strategies for a healthier lifestyle.

Derek Tate
Founder and Coach

Derek Tate, has spent over 35 years involved teaching and coaching. The sport of Alpine skiing has been both the passion and the career over this time.


Growing up in Dublin Derek moved to Scotland to pursue a career as a ski instructor working his way through the British Association of Snowsports Instructor qualification pathway to the highest level of International Ski Teacher Diploma. He also achieved a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Coaching from Moray House College (Heriot Watt University) in Edinburgh.


His experience includes teaching recreational skiers on the snow and artificial slopes, coaching children from grass roots to National Team level, educating other coaches, Instructors and Trainers for National Governing Bodies of sport and developing course resources for these organisations.

He continues to teach skiing in the Chamonix Mont Blanc region of France together with writing self help/psychology and coaching books and his books are widely available in various formats including print, eBook and audio. 


He is very much an advocate of the philosophy Learn it, Love it, Live it and more recently completed the MSc in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) at Bucks New University.

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