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All bookings with “The Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy” are made with BASS Chamonix Limited, registered in Scotland, 267904, and are subject to these conditions.



BASS Chamonix Limited does not insure its clients personally (whether for injury/medical or rescue costs, against cancellation losses, against the clients’ own liability to third parties, or any other type of insurance). Most sporting activities have an element of danger and skiing is no exception. Please ensure all members of your party (i.e. all those covered by the booking with BASS Chamonix Limited) have suitable insurance cover in respect of medical and rescue costs, cancellation, and liability to third parties. We recommend that you are adequately covered by a comprehensive winter sports insurance policy from a licensed agent. Some insurance may also cover lift closures due to adverse weather conditions. If booking an off piste course or private lesson please ensure you have a policy that covers skiing/snowboarding off piste,  It is the client’s responsibility to be adequately insured for the activity to be undertaken.  You may be asked to provide a copy of your insurance policy before the start of the course/lesson.



Clients attending our courses, Group and private lessons must pay the appropriate fee in full, before joining the lesson. In the case of advance bookings, we will reserve your place for a maximum of ten days from the date of issue of the booking note. Please return your remittance within this period. Your booking will be confirmed by the issue of a receipt from our office.

Prices may be subject to revision from time to time but are clearly stated on the appropriate website.

We accept payment by Credit Card (visa or MasterCard), debit card, BACS (bank transfer) and PayPal.



In the unfortunate event of you cancelling your booking the following charges will apply:

More than 6 weeks’ notice – 10% of fee,

2-6 weeks’ notice – 50% of fee,

0-2 weeks’ notice – 100% of fee.

BASS Chamonix Limited reserves the right to cancel its lessons for a variety of reasons. Full refunds of unused lessons will be made in this instance if an alternative cannot be provided.

Should clients not show for the lessons booked and paid for, through ill health, injury or any other valid reason, no refund will be given. Nor will any refund be given in the event of lift closures due to adverse weather or other circumstances outside the control of BASS Chamonix Limited. However, we will, if requested, provide a letter for submission to the client’s insurers setting out the fact of cancellation and the reason given by the client or confirming the fact of lift closures.



Group lessons can vary in ability due to people’s understanding of their level and our description, we reserve the right to re-arrange participants and instructors undertaking Group lessons, as we see fit, for the benefit of the group and individuals. But this is at our discretion and availability. Changes can not be demanded by the clients.



To ensure that we can provide the best, most enjoyable and safest lessons for you and your family or party please provide us with any relevant health & injury information, which can enable the Instructor to look after you and all within the group. This information should ideally be provided by email before you arrive in resort, but if you have not done so please provide it directly to the instructor on the day (please help us to help you).



Booking contracts are subject to Scottish law and any dispute arising under or relating to a client’s booking with BASS Chamonix Limited is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts

If our service does not meet your expectations please speak with your instructor and contact the office that day to see if we can resolve the situation for you.

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