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Thank you very much for your interest in booking with the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy.


We take great care to provide you with a quality of service that exceeds your expectations. We hope that you enjoy your time with us and learn and grow as a result. Here is the inevitable small print. Please read carefully and print off a copy if you so require.

The Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy is a trading name of BASS Chamonix Limited, registered in Scotland, 267904.  The Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy is operated by BASS Chamonix Limited hence all payments are made to the aforementioned company and subject to the following conditions.

1.  Insurance

The Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy does not insure its clients (whether for medical or rescue costs, against cancellation losses, against the clients’ own liability to third parties, or any other type of insurance). Most sporting activities have an element of danger and sports, including skiing, are no exception. Please ensure all members of your group (i.e. all those covered by the booking with the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy) have suitable insurance cover in respect of medical and rescue costs, cancellation, and liability to third parties. We recommend that you are adequately covered for any activities that you are engaging in as part of the trip and if you are booking one of our skiing performance courses that you are adequately covered by a comprehensive winter sports insurance policy from a licensed agent. With respect to winter sports some insurance may also cover lift closures due to adverse weather conditions.  You may be asked to provide a copy of your insurance policy before the start of the course/coaching session.  The Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy is covered for Public Liability Insurance under the BASS Chamonix Limited policy.

2. Coaches

All our coaches are highly qualified, experienced and professional.  All our coaches are self-employed and deliver for us under their self-employed status. For courses operating in Italy or France our coaches all hold the required qualifications and are registered appropriately with the authorities.  

3.  Prices

Prices may be subject to revision from time to time but are clearly stated on the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy website.


4.  Payment

Clients attending our courses, workshops (online or face to face), coaching sessions or conferences must pay the appropriate fee in full, before joining the session/event. Pre-bookings are required to pay a nominal deposit of 25% (unless otherwise stated for a specific course/workshop/event) which is non-refundable.  Your booking will be confirmed by the issue of a receipt from our office.

5.  We accept payment by credit card via PayPal and via BACS (bank transfer). 

6.  You must instruct your bank to cover all transfer charges related to international payments. If we receive less than the invoice amount then this must be settled before your course/workshop/event start date, by transfer or cash at the venue.

7.  All transactions will be with BASS Chamonix Limited who operate the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy.

8.  Cancellation

Cancellation: In the unfortunate event of you cancelling your booking the following charges will apply: More than 6 weeks’ notice – 10% of fee, 2-6 weeks’ notice – 50% of fee, 0-2 weeks’ notice – 100% of fee.  Cancellation notification must be received and acknowledged in our office by email. (Please also see item 21. Regarding Covid-19).

9.  The Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy reserves the right to cancel its courses/workshops/events for a variety of reasons (such as coach illness). Full refunds of unused sessions will be made in this instance if an alternative session cannot be provided. This does not apply to cancellation of skiing courses due to the bad weather and/or lift closure. The Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy is not liable for any costs arising from course cancellations or transfers that we have to make.                   

10.  Should clients not show/attend courses/workshops/events booked and paid for, through ill health, injury or any other valid reason, no refund will be given. Nor will any refund be given, in respect of skiing courses, in the event of lift closures due to adverse weather, change of venue, or other circumstances outside the control of the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy. However, we will, if requested, provide a letter for submission to the client’s insurers setting out the fact of cancellation and the reason given by the client, or confirming the fact of lift closures.

11.  Workshops (Face to face)   

Where a booking is made for a face to face workshop the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy has a minimum required number of participants for each workshop. Please refer to the website for the minimum numbers. If we cannot fulfil the specified number for your workshop, we will offer you a choice of either transferring to another workshop on another date or a full refund for the value of the price paid only. No compensation will be given for anything else such as flights/accommodation etc.  We will endeavour to notify you 7 days before the workshop start date should the workshop be cancelled.

12.  Workshop (Online)

Where a booking is made for an online workshop the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy has a minimum required number of three participants. If we cannot fulfil the specified number for your online workshop, we will offer you a choice of either transferring to another online workshop on another date or a full refund for the value of the price paid only.  We will endeavour to notify you 7 days before the workshop start date should the workshop be cancelled.

13.  Health information

To ensure that we can provide you with the best, most enjoyable, rewarding and safest face to face workshops and courses please provide us with any relevant mental or physical health & injury information which can enable the coach to look after you and all within the group. This information should ideally be provided by email before you arrive at the venue, but if you have not done so please provide it directly to the coach on the day (please help us to help you).

14.  Price for course only

For our skiing courses your booking with us is purely for the participation of the course and does not include the hire of any equipment, uplift ticket or personal insurance (as stated in item 1 above).

15. Photos

From time to time we place photos we take during courses/workshops/events on our website or on social media. If you would rather stay anonymous then please let us know.

16.  Scottish Law

Booking contracts are subject to Scottish law and any dispute arising under or relating to a client’s booking with the  Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy  (BASS Chamonix Limited) is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.

17. Quality of Service/Complaints

If our service does not meet your expectations, please speak with your coach and contact the office ASAP to see if we can resolve the situation for you. Should the matter not be resolved quickly then please refer to our complaints policy.


18.  Covid-19 and Travel Restrictions due to a Pandemic (or such instance)

As of 18th March 2020, for travel insurance purposes the Covid-19 (Coronovirus) changed from an unexpected and unknown event into something more predictable. This has caused a change in personal travel insurance cover which potentially will not now cover a cancellation due to Cornovirus.

To reassure our regular and new clients, if you are booking after the 18th March 2020 then the following special booking conditions apply if there is a similar situation as in March 2020 and your pre booking falls within our 6-week prior situation. 

In a future World Pandemic situation such as Covid-19, 

a)    6-1 weeks before booking delivery date – you can ask for a full refund minus the £50 cancelation fee (retained for administration, bank charges)

b)    1-0 week (within 0-7 days) before booking delivery date - you can ask for a refund minus the 25% minimum deposit amount (retained for administration, bank charges and any due compensation for the coach already  booked for your course) of your full booking amount, or have a 75% credit towards a future booking with  Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy.

This is only applicable if:

1.    Local law prevents your coach from working in the destination country (e.g., France or Italy).

2.    Your country of residence specifically advises against all but essential travel to the destination country (France or Italy) for the duration of the course.

3.    The destination country (France or Italy) has special restrictions on foreign travellers entering the country that affects you directly.

In summary, if you are unable to travel due to restrictions listed above, then these special cancellation terms apply. In all other cases (including where you are reluctant to travel due to health or any other concerns) then our normal terms stand.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our booking conditions, should you have any further questions regarding the above please contact us directly on

Booking conditions update 27/06/2020 by the  Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy.

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