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Want to experience more FLOW in your life? Whether it is sport, business or day-to-day life we can help your create the conditions to facilitate more optimal experiences (flow). Our coaching methods are based on the latest research including research carried out by our own team member Derek Tate as part of his MSc Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP). 

Do you want to find your flow?


Being present moment focused, being non-judgemental and accepting your thoughts, feelings and emotions are all part of mindfulness. Being more mindful can improve all aspects of your life and through the practice of meditation and mindfulness you can develop skills that will help encourage flow. 

Do you want to bring more mindfulness into your life?


Private ski coaching can help you realise your potential more quickly. Whether you need help with setting goals, developing a program of training, advice about a career in the snow sports industry, identifying and improving your strengths or ironing out weaknesses, we can help.

Want to take your skiing performance to the next level?


Performing at your best is not just about developing the particular skills or techniques associated with sport or work but a rather an approach that includes all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition is a very important part of the performance mix not just from a fuelling point of view but also for longer term health. 

Do you need advice on how to use nutrition to improve your lifestyle and performance?


Whether it is a talk about psychology in coaching sports, positive psychology, the philosophy of Learn it, Love it, Live it or the synergy of mindfulness and flow, Derek has delivered talks for a variety of organisations and at a number of events and venues.

Do you have an event/audience that would benefit from learning more about the subjects above?

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