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Overview of the programme:

  • Identifying and understanding STRENGTHS

  • Understanding FLOW

  • Finding your FLOW

  • Team FLOW


Strengths are typically something that you are good at AND enjoy doing. In other words you are intrinsically motivated to use your strengths. 


Flow has already been covered but as a reminder, it is a desirable mental state that requires you to be fully invested in the task at hand. It has nine dimensions, three of which are foundations, and six of which are characteristics. For more info click here.    


Team flow means that all members of the group are experiencing flow that is connected with the pursuit of a common goal. This can then lead to a collective flow experience.

Our flow workshops are specially designed for the business environment and can be run as half-day or full-day workshops. The duration of the workshop will determine the 'depth' with which each area can be covered. Digital resources including 'Flow Cards' will be provided as part of the training. 
If you would like to organise a workshop for your team please get in touch. Each workshop will be specifically tailored to your company and team member's  individual needs.
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