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The IASI Coaching Theory module is organised and run by Subzero Coaching who are a Licensed Course Provider (LCP) for IASI

The Coaching Theory module is part of the IASI pathway towards the full certification of snow sport professionals.

The module is necessary to achieve the IASI Level 3 ISIA status and anyone with Level 1 and above can participate. The course is also valid as a refresher (CPD) for all levels of IASI qualification.


Module Aims
The aims of the module are twofold; to develop yourself as a snowsport instructor/athlete; and to be better able to help your learners with their development especially where you are engaged in a longer-term coach/learner relationship.


The Coaching Theory module introduces instructors to a variety of generic 'coaching' topics such as periodisation, posture, injury prevention, nutrition and psychology all of which help you to focus on what you, as a ski instructor, need to know to perform better and stay healthy.

Our hope is to give you enough knowledge to wake up your inner awareness, making you a better athlete as well as stimulating your curiosity on the different subjects, so you will be interested in keeping on researching on your own after the course.

Module Format:

The module equates to 3-days of content and is currently delivered as 2-days face to face and 1-day online (2 x Zoom sessions with prior prep for the Psychology in Snowsports element). 

Module Topics

Psychology and Snowsports:

  • Performing under pressure,

  • Mindfulness, 

  • Flow,

  • Psychology and Learning.

Training Periodisation in Skiing

  • How to plan a year round, physical training programme for snowsports instructors.

Posture and Injury prevention

  • Understanding the basics of “good posture” and minimise the risk of injury in snowsports and sport.

Nutrition applied in Sport

  • How to apply fundamentals of nutrition to sport and health giving clarity on today’s diets and feeding habits.

Basics of Body Language

  • Language is not only spoken by words and sounds, but mainly through movements and different postures of the body. How to read some basic signals and how to present yourself to the guest in the best way will be discussed.

Equipment. Skis and Ski Boots

  • Insights and tips on the equipment we use everyday. What is necessary to know and what is most commonly unknown!

Module Preparation (Psychology in Snowsports)

Prior to attending the online Zoom sessions for this portion of the module students are asked to complete the following;

  1. Free online course - Psychology in Snowsports: Performing under pressure delivered by Derek Tate via Teachable. 

  2. Read IASI manual chapters 14 to 17.

IASI Coaching Theory Presenters
Derek Tate
Former IASI Head of Education (20 years!)
IASI Educator & Examiner

MSc Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP)

PG Diploma Sports Coaching

Federico Sollini
IASI Educator & Examiner
FIF Strength and Conditioning Coach
FIF Posture Educator and Nutrition Consultant

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