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Interski 2023 - Argentina Report

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Outdoor on-snow workshop

The title of the Argentinian outdoor on-snow workshop that I attended was, "Technical Concepts"

Delivered by Dana Toso, Danisa Guardatti, and Matias Marcaccini

This was my final on-snow workshop of the congress and what an excellent one to finish up with, not only because of the great delivery, but we also had fresh snow on piste and a little play off piste on our final run (it would have been rude not to!). The initial warm up involved getting into groups of three and playing with our visual perception of, and ability to judge, distance. We pre decided a certain number of turns to an agreed point, further down the slope, and then skied down to see if we could make that exact number of turns! We used variations of this including looking down at our skis while skiing the agreed number of turns and seeing how close we were to the target point further down the slope. This was a lot of fun and served as a great icebreaker for the session while also waking up our awareness.

After that the workshop focused on three key technical points...

To read the full report of the Argentinian on-snow workshop and their off snow lecture download the Congress ebook report on your favourite reader. This eBook report features 8 countries and includes top takeaways from the event. The report is FREE on my store, Google Play, and where it has been price matched to zero.

Interski 2023 Congress Report and Review

About the author

Derek Tate is a ski instructor and director of British Alpine Ski School Chamonix. He is a mental skills coach, positive psychology practitioner and author. His recent books include, "Six Steps for Training the Mind", "Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow" and "Transformational Flow Coaching". You can learn more from his author page.

The Ski Instructor Podcast Episode 53 Derek Tate

And to listen to Derek's Interski 2023 Review on The Ski Instructor Podcast with host Dave Burrows click on the relevant podcast link:

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