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Six Steps For Training The Mind 

What happens when sports psychology and positive psychology collide?

A paradigm shift to a world where mental skills training facilitates flow and optimal performance in sport, and where sport is the vehicle to enabling greater fulfilment and wellbeing in life. 

This book will utterly transform your understanding of what it means to perform at your best and succeed in life.



Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow

Combining positive psychology with a life of learning and coaching and being in the mountains, this book is a must read for anyone who wants to find more passion and meaning in life.

"Derek, your recent book Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow makes a great contribution to our understanding of flow and performance". –Dr. Sue Jackson, co-author Flow in Sports and Brookfield Psychologist 


EBOOK - Kindle & ePub

Transformational Flow Coaching

In this short ebook Derek presents an innovative approach to development and growth whereby the Flow Coach can flexibly use a blend of transactional and transformational coaching with facilitating flow experiences being an integral part of the process. 

Helping coaches to apply the coaching method set out in Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow making it a great addition to your library.

EBOOK - ePub

Interski 2023 Congress Report and Review

This Congress Report from Interski 2023, which was held in Levi, Finland, focuses on eight countries whose on-snow workshops and/or off snow lectures the author attended. It also includes 'top takeaways' from the event and lots of great links to further resources including video footage and further reading.

This is a detailed report that will interest snowsport enthusiasts and is a must read for all snowsport instructors.  


Derek is passionate about many things; skiing, living in the alps, walking in the mountains, learning, teaching and of course writing. His books are an opportunity to share these passions with others through writing about his life and combining this with his vast knowledge and experience that includes teaching, learning, positive psychology, sport psychology and mental health. His mission is to help others through his books, courses and coaching to live happier and more fulfilling lives.  


Previously he has written books about ski technique and teaching including; Parallel Dreams Alpine Skiing and co-authoring the Ski Instructors Handbook; Teaching tools and techniques.

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