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Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow

Derek's recent book, combining positive psychology with a life of learning and coaching and being in the mountains, is a must read for anyone who wants to find more passion and meaning in life.


This book describes, in detail, a 'coaching method' that can be used for self-coaching or for the people with whom you work no matter what the domain.


The first section: LEARN is all about being a lifelong learner, finding and developing your interests, knowing how to practice, understanding the importance of attentional skills and how a mindful approach is more successful.    

The second section: ENJOY looks at developing your passion, why enjoying the journey is vital and how creativity promotes enjoyment. 

The third section: FLOW delves deeply into this mental state looking at its foundations, characteristics and how you can increase the likelihood of finding flow on a more regular basis. 

The fourth section: GROW encourages you to explore your purpose, spend more time 'being' and to aim towards self-actualisation leading to more hope and meaning in life. 

The book is a mixture of the author's own experiences as a learner and coach combined with contributions from some amazing people from different domains. 

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Derek is passionate about many things; skiing, living in the alps, walking in the mountains, learning, teaching and of course writing. Learn, Enjoy, Flow and Grow and his latest book bring these passions together sharing some of the chapters of his journey so far and his passion for coaching and helping others. 


Previously he has written books about ski technique and teaching including; Parallel Dreams Alpine Skiing and co-authoring the Ski Instructors Handbook; Teaching tools and techniques.

And for later in 2021 and beyond there are more books planned - click here for more info.

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"Derek offers a roadmap for learning and having fun while doing so, with the purpose of helping us find greater satisfaction in our daily lives so increasing our mental wellbeing.  Anyone interested in improving themselves and the quality of their lives will relate to this comprehensive and insightful book.

Sheelagh Lennon (MIACP), counsellor and psychotherapist

"Derek, your recent book Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow makes a great contribution to our understanding of flow and performance.

Dr. Sue Jackson, co-author Flow in Sports and Brookfield Psychologist 

"Learning or developing a skill involves a change in behaviour by the learner.  By nature, we all learn differently.  It may involve ‘trial and error’ for some, deliberate practice for others – but we all require appropriate and effective feedback to develop our skills further.  After over thirty years of assisting individuals in that developmental process within a mountain environment, Derek has once again dovetailed his extensive, practical experience with contemporary thinking within the field of psychology – the result of which is the production of his latest book.  Combining real-life observation, underpinned with the appreciation and appliance of science, the contents of this book will definitely assist you to develop your skills further.

Dougi Bryce, Chief Executive Officer, JudoScotland 

"I love Derek’s writing style; it reads very well, and it feels personal.  I also love how everything interacts and how well it is connected.  The LEFG method is excellent and makes total sense.

Inge Beckers, career & leadership coach and talent development specialist

"This book is engaging and fascinating, with Derek's thoughts and ideas flowing easily into each other and you find yourself thoroughly absorbed from the start.  He has given me thought provoking methods with which to review my own coaching practice and develop ideas.  Derek suggests a number of great ideas to work with, all of which equally apply to life as well as sports coaching.  I can't pick one chapter or topic from the book as a favourite, as for me they are all linked together and take one on a journey of thought, reflection and review.  A very valuable book to own. 

Jane Campbell Morrison MBE, sailing coach

"This book encompasses the coaching approach I have used with Dave Ryding over the last ten years and I thoroughly believe that this kind of method is essential for improving performance.

Tristan Glasse-Davies, Dave Ryding’s lead coach since 2010

Transformational Flow Coaching ebook 256

Transformational Flow Coaching

In Derek Tate’s Transformational Flow Coaching he presents an innovative approach to development and growth whereby the Flow Coach can flexibly use a blend of transactional and transformational coaching with facilitating flow experiences being an integral part of the process.

Flow is an altered state of consciousness that provides many benefits to those who experience it regularly including high levels of performance, increased productivity, enhanced learning, reduced stress, stronger self-concept, improved mental health and positive growth.

'Transformational Flow Coaching' is an approach to coaching that is designed to help facilitate flow experiences while at the same time promoting personal growth and development for individuals and groups. This holistic method mixes the best of transactional and transformational coaching with positive psychology to encourage the coachee to discover who they truly are - their authentic self - thereby enabling positive growth and greater well-being.

This ebook introduces the 'Transformational Flow Coaching' model, explains how it works in practice both from the perspective of the coachee and the coach. It also provides an important link between the author's first book in this genre; Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow and his next book; 9 Habits of a Flow Coach.


There are a number of exciting books planned for later in 2021 and beyond with three of the featured below;

9 Habits of a Flow Coach

Flow Performance Planner & Journal

The Vanlife Journal

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9 Habits of a Flow Coach 2560 x 1600.jpg

9 Habits of a Flow Coach

Fulfilling and meaningful lives don’t just happen. They are caused through ‘action’ and ‘habits’.

Combining the ‘Learn, Enjoy, Flow and Grow’ coaching method with the ‘9 Habits of a Flow Coach’ is the key to unlocking your potential and the potential of those whom you coach. Each habit can be integrated into the thinking and practice of the coach and the coachee resulting in more frequent flow experiences and the personal and collective growth that follows. 

In this forthcoming coaching book Derek Tate will help you to enact the method described in his previous books (Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow and Transformational Flow Coaching) giving you even more tools to succeed in life. 

This book will be published and available from November 2021. 

Flow Performance Planner 2560 x 1600.png

Flow Performance Planner & Journal

This book is the prefect tool for you and your coachees allowing for planning and management of flow coaching habits and recording of activities that are 'personally' more conducive to flow.

Some of the great benefits of experiencing flow regularly include; sense of achievement, improved self-esteem, personal growth and improved mental health and this book includes a 'journal' that allows the user to write about their experiences.


Journalling has been shown to contribute to better well-being hence the combination of a planner and journal in this text is the perfect way to Learn, Enjoy, Flow and Grow 

Publication of this book is planned for 2022. The book will be available in paperback, hardback and as a downloadable and fillable PDF. 

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The Vanlife Journal

This book is the ideal companion for all of your campervan journeys. Vanlife is one of the great joys of life so why not maximise this part of your life by journalling?

Gratitude, savouring and flow are key aspects of positive psychology and exploring the world in your camper van provides the perfect 'experiences' to appreciate and keep you in the moment.  

Journalling has been shown to contribute to better well-being and this book is beautifully designed to allow you to capture your positive thoughts and experiences giving you a record of all the great trips that you have taken. 

You will also learn more about gratitude, savouring and flow and why each of these areas can contribute to greater mental well-being. 

Publication of this book is planned for 2022. The book will be available in paperback, hardback and as a downloadable and fillable PDF. 

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