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Transformational Flow Coaching

An innovative approach to development & growth

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Flow is an altered state of consciousness that provides many benefits to those who experience it regularly including high levels of performance, increased productivity, enhanced learning, reduced stress, stronger self-concept, improved mental health and positive growth.


'Transformational Flow Coaching' is an approach to coaching that is designed to help facilitate flow experiences while at the same time promoting personal growth and development for individuals and groups. This holistic method mixes the best of transactional and transformational coaching with positive psychology to encourage the coachee to discover who they truly are - their authentic self - thereby enabling positive growth and greater well-being. 

While this is just a 'short' ebook it is massively important for any coach who wants to take the 'coaching method' described in 'Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow' and help others realise their true potential. A brilliant investment in yourself as a coach. 


To begin the Transformational Flow Coaching (TFC) model is presented and explained. The coachee (learner) experience is then considered before looking at the Flow Coach's role. There is then a chapter on how TFC works with skill acquisition with the Diamond Model of Skill Acquisition being mapped onto the TFC model.


This book provides a valuable link between Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow and the Six Steps for Training the Mind. It is also planned to have another ebook explaining the 9 Habits of a Flow Coach which are all included in the online courses as follows (with 3 habits per course):

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