Embrace the challenge and  train with the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy to gain your Flow Coach certification.

The Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy is continuing to develop its

FLOW COACH qualification and pathway to certification.

The course uses a blended learning approach, combining online learning, directed learning and practice, and face 2 face training (both in person and online on Zoom). The skills that you develop will enhance your own coaching/teaching/instructing in whatever domain you work whether that's business or sport.


As part of the certification programme you will be encouraged to embark on a journey of personal discovery and to challenge your own learning by trying something new that allows you to transfer skills from an activity in which you have already become proficient. That way you will increase your own propensity to experience flow, which is essential if you are to help others 'find flow'. 

You will also learn about the '9 Habits of a Flow Coach' and how to use them personally and with those whom you coach. The 9 habits are combined with the 'Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow' coaching method to give you all the tools required for a 'Transformational Flow Coaching' approach.   


The first step in the pathway to certification is to complete our three online workshops;

Introduction to Flow: Concepts and application

Attention as Flow: Effortful, effortless and the role of mindfulness

Mental Health: Flourishing and well-being through sport and physical activity

Visit our online workshop page to find out more about these courses and to book at date that suits you and click here to see what others have thought about the workshops.

The proposed Flow Coach pathway to certification is set out below. 

(please note that this is subject to change as the course is developed)


As part of your Flow psychology education there are three important books/texts that you should read which are described here and pictured below. All three of these texts will be utilised throughout the training journey. 


Learn, Enjoy, Flow & Grow: Using the principles of positive psychology to help find passion and meaning in life was published in October 2020 and sets out the 'LEFG coaching method'. It is widely available for purchase in paperback and ebook formats.

Transformational Flow Coaching introduces a new model and approach to coaching. This text is available as a FREE download via BookFunnel.  

9 Habits of a Flow Coach: Combining positive psychology and coaching to increase well-being will be published on the 1st of June 2021. This book will really bring the LEFG coaching to life both personally and for those that you coach. It can be pre-ordered now on Amazon. 

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Transformational Flow Coaching 2560 x 16
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If you are interested in following this pathway to Flow Coach certification then please register your interest and for more info visit our FAQs 

In addition to our three workshops and the books/texts noted above you can also develop and deepen your knowledge of flow & mindfulness via our Blog and through our Documents & Tools section with the latter requiring site registration and being added to our mailing list.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this qualification aimed at?

The flow coach qualification is aimed at existing coaches, instructors or teachers from business, education or sport. Participants should be interested in, and value, sport and physical activity as an integral part of life and mental and physical well-being. Successful candidates will gain a qualification that adds value to their current coaching practice.

Why a blended learning approach?

Using a blended learning approach allows a much greater degree of flexibility for candidates to work towards the qualification. The amount of Face 2 Face is kept to a minimum (one 5-day course) which in turn makes the pathway more cost effective. Online learning is also very much the future which has been accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic. It also allows people to access the workshops from anywhere in the world. And incorporating directed learning and practice into the pathway encourages personal responsibility and intrinsic motivation.

Where will the Face 2 face training module be run?

We are planning to run the Face 2 face training module in the Alpine resort of Cervinia in Italy. We have chosen this location as it offers a range of exciting sports in a beautiful environment which is ideal for flow seekers. This will support your own choices of activities for challenging yourself and going on your journey of discovering and experiencing FLOW.

When will the Face 2 face training module take place?

This will depend on the number of people progressing through the initial three foundation 'online workshops' and will also depend on the COVID-19 pandemic. Please keep in touch with us to find out our latest plans regarding scheduling.

What are the costs involved in progressing through the pathway?

Each part of the pathway is priced separately making it very cost effective. The initial three 'online workshops' cost £35 each. The Face 2 face training week will be costed nearer the time and will include training, course materials and hotel accommodation. Travel, insurance and participation in sports activities are not included but advice/guidance on costs will be given. Additional one 2 one coaching and the group workshop will be confirmed later.



“It felt like a very enjoyable, relaxed and open learning experience. Thank you."

“Loved the delivery and space to process the info"

“Really enjoyed it. Inspires me to want to read more and learn, and implement the learning into every life and working practice."

“An excellent blend of guided interactive discussion and teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed it."


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