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Do you want to increase credibility and add value to your coaching?

We are in the process of developing a FLOW COACH qualification. The course will be run in different formats using a combination of online/distance learning and face 2 face training. The skills that you develop will enhance your own coaching/teaching/instructing in whatever domain you work whether that's business or sport.


We will be launching this NEW program in May 2021. And the first course will be delivered in December 2021 and will be for snowsports instructors, coaches and leaders from any association or national governing body (NGB). 

In the meantime the first step to becoming a flow coach is to do one of our flow coaching courses; Find Your Flow or Flow Workshop. These courses will give you an understanding of flow and how you can experience it more within your own life while at the same time giving you the necessary foundation from which to progress to the flow coach qualification.  

If you are interested in taking this new course and have any questions please get in touch

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