Embrace the challenge and  train with the Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy to gain your Flow Coach certification.

The Parallel Dreams Coaching Academy have developed a new FLOW COACH qualification and pathway to certification


The course uses a blended learning approach, combining online learning, directed learning and practice, and face 2 face training. The skills that you develop will enhance your own coaching/teaching/instructing in whatever domain you work whether that's business or sport.


As part of the certification programme you will be encouraged to embark on a journey of personal discovery and to challenge your own learning by trying something new that allows you to transfer skills from an activity in which you have already become proficient. That way you will increase your own propensity to experience flow, which is essential if you are to help others 'find flow'. 

You will also learn about the NINE HABITS OF A FLOW COACH and how to use them personally and with those that you coach. 


The first step in the pathway to certification is to complete our three online workshops;

Introduction to Flow: Concepts and application

Attention as Flow: Effortful, effortless and the role of mindfulness

Mental Health: Flourishing and well-being through sport and physical activity

Visit our online workshop page to find out more about these courses and to book at date that suits you. 

The whole Flow Coach pathway to certification is set out below. 


If you are interested in following this pathway to Flow Coach certification then please get in touch or visit our FAQs 

In addition to our two flow workshops you can develop and deepen your knowledge of flow & mindfulness via our Blog and through our Documents & Tools section with the latter requiring site registration and being added to our mailing list. 

Frequently asked questions

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Hi My name is John and I'm a former professional gambler turned tipster. Due to my success as a professional gambler I have been restricted both online and in the high street shops so I can no longer place bets myself with any bookmakers hence why I started a tipping service.

Do you keep a profit / loss record?


  1. All of our results are recorded daily on our forum - WIN or LOSE
  2. We always deduct R4 deductions
  3. All of our services results are updated monthly to show profit , strike rate and most importantly return on investment ROI.

Do you back your own tips?

Yes We have backed the tips for over a decade but due to being successful we have now limited options now due to being restricted online and with most high street bookmakers.

Do I need to back all of the tips?

No Just back what you can when you can and dont worry if you miss a winner as you will miss losers too so over time it will balance out.

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